Reusable Absorbent Doggy Wee Pads

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The Original Doggy Wee Pad!



Perfect for house training your pup!

This quality designed Pee Pad will help make housebreaking your pup or supporting your older dog MUCH EASIER without spending on wasteful and messy disposable pads!




How the Wee Pad Works!

  • The Wee Pads features a multi-layered design that eliminates leaks and traps odors.
  • Machine washable and extra-durable. To extend the life of your Wee Pad even longer we recommend pre-washing with soap and water!
  • It's super comfortable top layer makes it naturally inviting for your fur face!

Not Just for Potty Training!

The Wee Pad is also great for:

✅ Lining Crates and Carriers 

✅ Incontinent, Sick, or Diabetic Dogs

✅ Protecting Furniture and Rugs 

✅ Lining Playpens or Litter Boxes

✅ Spill Protection Under Food & Water Bowls

✅ Travel Use in Your Vehicle With Your pet 



Wee Pad Size Guide 


Sizes (inches)  Perfect for
Small 16 x 23.5 Small Dogs
Medium 27.5 x 31.5 Medium Dogs
Large 31.5 x 35.5 Large Dogs

Size Difference between Bib Box Pads and Wee Pads


Customers are loving this reusable eco-friendly pad!


Frequently Asked Questions 


Can these be put in a dryer?

Yes, they are able to be dried. We suggest using a lower temperature to help preserve the pad. Air drying is a good option also!

Why is the Wee Pad better than competitors?

Our customer feedback helps us to continuously refine our product. This enables us to outperform disposable pads and other lesser performing versions on the market.

How do I get my dog to use the Wee Pad?

The distinctive patterns on our Wee Pads make them easy for your dog to recognize. If you’re training a puppy the most common method is to anticipate when they need to potty (normally 15-20 minutes after a meal) and place them on the pad when they need to go. Always reward your puppy with a treat or positive verbal cues and before long your puppy will use the Wee Pad all by themselves!

Are the Wee Pads dangerous to chew?

The Wee Pads are designed to be resistant to chewing and are much more resilient than other pads on the market, especially disposable pads.

Can the Wee Pad be used for other pets?

Absolutely! The Wee Pad can be used to line crates and litter boxes of other animals.


How long for the delivery of my Wee Pad?

We estimate 3-5 days for delivery anywhere within the United States but most commonly our customers receive their parcels within 4 business days of ordering. As always shipping costs are free!


What if I can't train my dog to use it? 

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction! That's why we offer a 10-day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee on this product. If you're not happy, drop us a line and send it back for a full refund. Simple as that! 


We'd be happy to answer your questions anytime! Please click the Blue Chat Bubble for assistance.